Our Services

PC Repairs

We repair all makes and models of computers, laptops and servers including Apple Mac's. This includes both hardware and software faults, virus and spyware removal and recovering data from faulty hard drives.

System Maintenance

We can keep your computer running properly by cleaning the dust out of the inside as well as the bugs out of the software. We can ensure your hard drive is running without errors or faults and isn't about to fail, that the fans are all working properly and that its not going to overheat or run unnecessarily noisily, and that you havent been infected with some Trojan that is lurking on your computer.

New PC's Built and old ones upgraded

We build computers to order from the best quality components to your specifications and requirements. They all include an onsite warranty where if you have a problem we come out and fix it not leave you hanging on the phone to another continent! If your existing computer is running slowly we can upgrade it and make it like lightning again by increasing the memory, hard drive size, Processor or any other component. This applies to all makes and models of PC's and laptops.

Virus Scanning

One of the most common problems with computers these days is that they get infected by viruses or spyware which can make using them very frustrating or expensive if they steal your bank details. We have many years experiencing at removing and preventing viruses from infecting your computer and usually can do so without you losing any data unlike most PC shops which will just format and reload windows leaving you without your precious photo's, emails or installed programs and saving you the hours of time having to get your computer back to just how you liked it before it became infected.

Expert Tuition

We give easy to understand tuition in your own home on whichever subject you are interested in. Whether you are a complete beginner and want to know how to use the internet or email, or are more advanced and want to properly edit video or photo's we can show you how to do it at the pace you want to go at in a patient and friendly way.

Network Configuration

We are experts in setting up all kinds of networks from wired to wireless, networking printers and backups, and sharing files and peripherals. This includes advising you on the best broadband provider for your requirements to installing the cabling and phone sockets if required, advising on any equipment needed and the costs and advantages / disadvantages of them.